Audio Amplifier for Minibus

Mini Vox 12 IBN


  • Hands free driver control enables safe and care free driving.
  • Operating voltage - 12V.
  • Output power - 2 x 25W.
  • Input for direct connection to 12V passenger car radio.
  • 3 microphone input jacks with priority for the driver.
  • Separate volume control for the driver and the passengers.
  • Quick and simple handling and installation.


All modern Minibuses are loaded with audio-visual (AV) systems: Radio, Telephone, TV, DVD Public Announcement Systems etc.
However, operating the multitude on board AV systems poses a real danger, by diverting the driver’s attention from the most important thing which is driving.
Intervox’s patent pending automatic multimedia system for minibuses allows the driver to operate all multimedia devices with unprecedented simplicity.
Easy, Hands Free Operation is the Key to Intervox's Mini Vox system. Everything is fully automatic without the need to jiggle a variety of buttons or switches.
To ensure installation simplicity all the components are plug & play, and can be quickly installed in any convenient position on the vehicle.
Adding versatility to efficiency, the system can be costume tailored to meet specific needs.


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Power supply: 12 V +/- 20% (negative to ground)
Max. power consumption: 5 A
Max. power output: 2 x 35 W R.M.S.
Continuous power output: 2 X 18 W (1% dist. a 1 kHz)
Output impedance: Between 2 - 8 Ohms (normally 4 Ohms)
Dimensions: 75 x 95 x 40mm
Net weight: 0.5 kg


Normal input: 100 mV - 1 V (RMS)
Input impedance: 10 KOhms
Bandwidth: 30 Hz - 12 KHz (-3 dB)
Signal / noise ratio: >50 dB


An independent input: Guide microphone or flex neck microphone (priority)
Normal input: 1.5 mV (RMS)
Input impedance: 2 KOhms
Bandwidth: 200 Hz - 1200 Hz (-3 dB)
Signal / noise ratio: >40 dB
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