Smart Amplifier for Passenger Information Systems

Bus Vox 24 IBE


  • Full interfacing with all kinds of passenger information systems.
  • Smart amplifier- allows automatically higher announcement volume at locations with high environmental noise.
  • Allows Interfacing to the bus radio.
  • 2 microphone inputs jacks (driver and guide) with priority for the driver.
  • Operating voltage- 24V.
  • Output power- 2 x 35W.
  • Quick and simple handling and installation.


This unique system has been developed specifically for buses use passenger information system or fleet management systems for automatic announcements paging in and out of the bus. (For example: when reaching a certain station) .

The smart amplifier interfaces fully to any passenger information system, allowing internal and external announcements of messages which are being sent automatically from the passenger information system.

Power supply: 24 V +/- 20% (negative to ground)
Max. power consumption: 5 A
Max. power output: 3 x 35 W R.M.S.
Continuous power output: 3 x 18 W (1% dist. a 1 kHz)
Output impedance: Between 2 - 8 Ohms (normally 4 Ohms)
Dimensions: 75 x 95 x 40mm
Net weight: 0.5 kg


Normal input: 100 mV - 1 V (R.M.S.)
Input impedance: 10 kOhms
Bandwidth: 30 Hz – 12 KHz (-3 dB)
Signal / noise ratio: >50 dB.

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