Bus Intercom system (Driver/Rear Doors)

Bus Vox 24 CCBN

Intervox system model GYM 24CCBN is an Anti-Vandal intercom system designated for buses. The system enables communication between the driver and passengers with special needs that require special assistance (mothers with baby strollers, passengers on wheelchairs) when entering the bus from the rear door or when sitting on the designated seat at the rear of the bus. 


The system will upgrade the ride experience and customer service experience for many disable passengers by allowing them to easily communicate with the driver in time of need.




  • Improving bus accessibility.
  • Specially designed for buses.
  • Anti-Vandal system.
  • Operating voltage - 24V.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Priority for driver side.
  • Quick and simple handling and installation.


Operating supply voltage:

24 V DC

Output peak current:

 (not rep. t = 100 micro s.) 0.5A

Output peak current:

 (rep. f more 10 Hz) 1 A

Output power:


Output impedance:

Between 2-8 Ohms (normally: 4 Ohms)

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