BabyVox-The Most Trusted Forgotten Child Alert System for Cars

BabyVox-The Most Trusted Forgotten Child Alert System for Cars

This patent pending system was developed to give a solution to the rapid increase of incidents where children are being forgotten or left unattended inside a parking vehicle.
Whether it’s a privet vehicle, school bus or children transport vehicle, the results of such incidents can be tragic as the temperature inside a parked vehicle can reach rapidly to 70 degrees Celsius and even more. Those kinds of conditions can cause severe injuries and even death.
Intervox’s extraordinary system knows to identify that a child is trapped inside the vehicle and automatically triggers a chain of actions to secure the child safety.
Thos actions are preprogrammed and may include:



  • Opening the windows.
  • Transmitting distress call to a center.
  • Sending emergency SMS to 5 preferred numberד.
  • Turning on the CCTV system (mainly for buses and transport vehicles) to allow live audio and video communication with the child.

By installing Intervox system to your vehicle you will make sure that your child will always be SAFE & SOUND.

Power supply: 12-24 V +/- 20% (negative to ground)
Max. power consumption: 1 A
Buzzer output: 1 W
Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 18 mm
Net weight: 0.3 kg








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