Intercom Systems for Armored Vehicles

Two ways intercom systems for armored vehicles

Intervox intercom system for armored vehicles is highly rated in the security industry as it allows the driver / passengers to stay within the safeness of the vehicle and reduced the need for unnecessary exposure.
Intervox intercom systems for armored vehicles enables high quality two ways In & Out and / or In & In communication through closed vehicle windows.
With Intervox, the driver and passengers will always be as promised: SAFE & SOUND.

Intercom for armored vehicles

Car Vox 12 CN - In & Out

Intercom for vehicles with separated cabins

Car Vox 12 CC -In & In

Intercom for security & armoured vehicles

Car Vox 12 CNSH- In & Out + Siren + Hand Held Mic

Intercom for CIT vehicles

Car Vox 12 CNC -In & Out + In & In

Intercom for luxury armored cars

Car Vox 12 CNS- In & Out + siren

Intercom for special purpose vehicles

Car Vox 12 PV

Discreet Intercom for armored vehicles

Intercom 6620PV
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