INTERVOX AIO - All in One, Plug & Play Audio Amplifier

Intervox AIO system, is a plug-n-play compact digital audio amplifier, that support easy, reliable and high-quality installation to all Bus audio systems. Its internal switching and designated connectors assist quick and simple integration to the FMS, PIS, and other audio system components. In addition, The Intervox-AIO supports multiple special accessories such as: Dashboard driver microphone, Rear passenger Intercom. Induction loop for hearing impaired.

✓ Plug-n-play easy to install

✓ Compact and small

✓ Reliable Audio Performance

✓ 1/0 for all Bus Audio systems

✓ Easy maintenance


Intervox AIO supports additional special accessories, to provide an overall solution, answering the needs of public transportation, whilst guaranteeing a high-quality audio.

Replacing the need of gooseneck microphones, that are prone to wear and tear on excessive use.

✓ Micro size

✓ Enhanced audio quality.

✓ Reliable

✓ Extremely compact and easy to operate

✓ Direct two-way communication between the driver and rear passenger

✓ ‘Push to talk’ for quick and simple operation

✓ Audio quality – clear sound, reducing background and Bus noises.

For a hearing aid wearer, it’s very difficult to understand important announcements properly. Intervox induction loop is assembled on the bus rooftop and connects directly to the AIO Amplifier.

The hearing-impaired passengers only have to switch to T-coil mode on their hearing aid and all the announcements will be transmitted and transferred directly to the hearing aid.


Automated internal/external announcement system.

The system if fully integrated with bus fleet management systems (FMS) and automatically announces the name of the station that the bus is arriving to, both inside and outside of the bus.

Additionally, the system also identifies and report failures in the announcement system.

*FMS – Fleet Management Systems

**PIS – Passenger Information Systems

Designed to integrate with all Fleet Management Systems

Microphone and multimedia amplifier for buses and minibusses.

Simple and easy to operate, allowing fast connection to a driver’s microphone + tour guide microphones.

Universal connectors for all types of microphones (DIN5, DIN4, PL, Banana), and multimedia systems.




Scanning button to prevent forgotten child on bus / minibus (6400 standard)


Automatic panic button to detect a passenger trapped in the cargo trunk


The Child-Guard system designed to prevent the tragic occurrence of forgotten children in transport vehicles.

The system includes a special switch installed at the rear-end of the passenger compartment and requires the driver to scan and press the switch at the end of each trip. Otherwise, a voice alert will be activated immediately (internal and external) and the emergency lights will blink.

The installation is one-time, and the system is completely independent. It is not connected to the vehicle systems and does not require any additional costs such as monthly subscription fees or service fees.

The system is approved by the Ministry of Transportation according to the Israeli Standard 6400

AUTOMATIC PANIC ALERT – Based on Distress Shouts /Voice

The Automatic Panic Alert solution designed towards the growing phenomenon of passengers captured in the trunk of the bus.

The system identifies the sound of distress voice/shouts of the person trapped in the luggage compartment trunk and automatically activates a chain of operations:

  • Automatic lighting in the trunk
  • Broadcast a voice alert to the driver
  • Sending a distress signal to the remote staff center (sent through the Bus FMS)

The system can be integrated with existing panic buttons that are already installed in some buses.

The system doesn’t rely on pressing panic button alone and can rely on either distress shouts alone or in combination with panic button.