Intercom for luxury armored vehicles (internal / external + siren)


Primary benefits:

  • European certification EMC-R10
  • High quality two-way communication through closed car windows
  • Siren with 2 tones (whining + yelling)
  • Plug & Play socket connections for quick installation
  • Hidden installation without changing the appearance of the vehicle
  • Small command unit for easy installation

The armored vehicle windows are a very important asset to keep the driver and passengers safe.

But when the driver / passengers need to communicate with someone outside the car, those same window become an unwanted obstacle.

Intervox luxury armored vehicles Intercom system enables high-quality two-way communication with the external environment without compromising the safety and security of the driver and passengers.

In addition, in order to ensure rapid and efficient treatment in emergency situations, a 2-tone siren was also installed.

The operating interface is convenient, all functions (external intercom, siren) are simply operated from the innovative control panel that offers alternating LED lighting and provides excellent appearance.

In order to save space in the installation, we have developed (using innovative technology) a small, lightweight unit (less than 500 grams) that produces high quality sound.

Intervox places special emphasis on human engineering and installation simplicity, so all system components are plug-and-play.


Operating supply voltage:12 V DC
Peak supply voltage:28 V (t = 50ms)
Output peak current:4.5 A (not rep. t = 100 micros)
Output peak current:3.5 A (rep. f more 10 Hz)
Output power:16 W
Output impedance:Between 2-8 Ohms (normally: 4 Ohms)
Input power:16 W
Distortion:4 Ohm Po = 0.1 to 10 W Max. 0.5 %
Cross-Talk:f = 1 kHz 65 dB / f = 10 kHz 55 dB/td>
Dimensions:75 x 95 x 40 mm
Net weight:0.6 kg


Sensitivity:-70 +/-2 dB 0 dB 1 V/micro bar. 1 kHz
Impedance:Low impedance
Directivity:Omni directional
Frequency range:30 – 16000 Hz
Operation voltage:6.3 V
Current consumption:Max. 0.6 mA
Sensitivity reduction:Within – 3 dB at 2V
S/N ratio:More than 40 dB