Intercom for special vehicles
(driver - rear seat)


Primary benefits:

  • High quality two-way communication between separate cabins
  • Option of parallel connection of 2 back posts
  • Dedicated for use in vehicles with 2 or 3 separate cabins to enable fast and safe communication between cabins
  • Plug & Play socket connections for quick installation
  • Direct operating voltage 12V / 24V

The intercom system is specially developed for use in vehicles with separate cabins or rear cabins and enables high-quality two-way communication between the driver’s cabin and the rear compartment or 2 rear compartments without compromising the safety and security of the driver and passengers.

The system is built from a command unit to which a control and speech panel connects to the driver unit and a special rear speaker for the passengers. You can add an additional rear speaker and allow communication between 3 locations at the same time.


Operating supply voltage:24 V DC
Output peak current:(not rep. t = 100 micro s.) 0.5A
Output peak current:(rep. f more 10 Hz) 1 A
Output power:5W
Output impedance:Between 2-8 Ohms (normally: 4 Ohms)