Automatic panic button to detect a passenger trapped in the cargo trunk


Primary benefits:

  • Full scan - automatically scans the entire trunk compartment
  • Easy and quick installation - one-time installation, followed by automatic operation in case of emergency
  • Immediate response - a voice alert to the driver, lighting in the trunk, sending a message to a staffed center

An innovative safety system developed by Intervox to provide a solution to the growing phenomenon of passengers captured in the trunk of the bus.

Intervox advanced system identifies the distress calls of the trapped person and automatically activates a chain of operations to retrieve him:

  1. Automatic lighting in the trunk
  2. Broadcast a voice alert to the driver
  3. Sending a distress signal to a remote staff center

The system knows how to integrates with distress buttons systems currently installed on some buses. Instead of pressing the button, the trapped passenger is only required to shout.