Integrated bus amplifier


Primary benefits:

  • Automatic announcement of the station (internal/external)
  • Dedicated input for VOIP messages
  • Multimedia and microphones inputs - radio/DVD/LCD/microphones
  • Direct and universal inputs to fleet management systems. A special amplifier that combines 2 amplifiers in one unit.

The amplifier enables automatic announcements for buses using fleet management systems
to automatically announce inside and outside the bus when arriving at a particular station.
In addition, it has microphone, multimedia, DVD and LCD inputs, suitable for tourist buses.
This is a great solution for buses that are used both for public transport and for tourism.



Power supply:24 V +/- 20% (negative to ground)
Max. power consumption:5 A
Max. power output:3 x 35 W R.M.S.
Continuous power output:3 x 18 W (1% dist. a 1 kHz)
Output impedance:Between 2 – 8 Ohms (normally 4 Ohms)
Dimensions:75 x 95 x 40mm
Net weight:0.5 kg


Normal input:100 mV – 1 V (R.M.S.)
Input impedance:10 kOhms
Bandwidth:30 Hz – 12 KHz (-3 dB)
Signal / noise ratio:>50 dB.


An independent input:Guide microphone or flex neck microphone (priority)
Normal input:1.5 mV (R.M.S.)
Input impedance:2 kOhms
Bandwidth:300 Hz – 4000 Hz (-3 dB)