Babyvox alert system to detect a forgotten child in a private vehicle


Primary benefits:

Babyvox alert system for detecting forgotten children in a private vehicle was developed by Intervox to prevent tragic cases of forgotten children in cars. The system includes special sensors designed to help prevent incidents of forgotten child in vehicles. Babyvox special sensors automatically scan the entire vehicle space and provide a variety of emergency alerts. Alerts include:
  • Sending an SMS alert that also includes an exact location of the vehicle to 5 phone numbers defined in the system.
  • Enable external alert – external announcement
  • Rolling down a window*
The installation is one-time, and the system is completely independent. It is not connected to the vehicle systems and does not require any additional costs such as monthly subscription fees or service fees. *Rolling down a window is a function that depends on the vehicle type and is subject to the approval of the installer in the field.