Babyvox Preventive system to detect a forgotten child in a private vehicle


Primary benefits:

Babyvox prevention system for detecting forgotten children in a private vehicle was developed by Intervox to prevent tragic cases of forgotten children in cars. A special sensor is installed in the baby seat and provides an immediate warning to the driver as soon as the engine is turned off. There are two kinds of alerts:
  • Internal alarm only – visual and vocal indication for the driver at the end of the trip.
  • External alert – external announcement / SMS sending including the location of the vehicle / rolling down the window* (the alarm will be activated about a minute and a half after the end of the trip and provided that the child was not removed from the seat).
The installation is one-time, and the system is completely independent. It is not connected to the vehicle systems and does not require any additional costs such as monthly subscription fees or service fees. *Rolling down a window is a function that depends on the vehicle type and is subject to the approval of the installer in the field..