Bus Intercom System


Primary benefits:

Intervox Intercom bus system was developed specifically for buses to meet the accessibility requirements of people with disabilities in public transportation.

The system meets the stringent EMC-R10 standard requirements for installation.

This is an anti-vandal system dedicated to buses that allows communication between the driver and passengers with special needs coming from the back door and / or sitting in a dedicated seat at the back of the bus. (Mothers with baby carriages, wheelchair-bound people, adult passengers coming from the back door, etc.).

The system enables you to make a proactive contact with the driver and a qualitative two-way conversation when necessary. In addition, the system is suitable for long articulated buses where there is a problem to contact the driver from the rear.

This model is an anti vandal intercom system for buses, which enables
high quality communication between the driver and a passenger in the
rear of the vehicle


  • Main unit including cables and connectors
  • Control panel for the driver including PTT button and built in microphone (for driver side)
  • 1-2 Flat wall mount speaker including PTT button and built in microphone (for rear passenger side)




  • By pressing the red PTT button on the driver control panel, the driver can talk to the rear passenger.
  • By pressing the red PTT button on the wall mount speaker, the passenger can talk to the driver.




  • Operating Supply Voltage 12-28 V DC
  • Output Peak Current (not rep. t = 100 micro s.) 0.5A
  • Output Peak Current (rep. f more 10 Hz) 1 A
  • Output Power 5W
  • Output Impedance between 2–8 Ohms (Normally 4 Ohms)
  • Input Power 5W
  • Distortion 4 Ohm Po = 0.1 to 5 W Max. 0.5 %
  • Cross-Talk f = 1kHz 6 dB
  • f = 10kHz 5 dB