DVR Systems and Video Camera for buses


Primary benefits:

Intervox advanced recording and camera systems enable every vehicle owner or fleet owner to record, view and store data taken inside or outside the vehicle. This system can also transmit the information in real time to a remote computer or to a mobile phone. It also records and stores the data locally on a memory / HDD / SSD card built into the unit. The system comes with advanced management software that allows managing a large number of vehicles by cutting a license plate number, driver name, line number and more…


Built-in high performance Hisilicon chipsets, coded with H.264 standard, high compression rate and image qulity
4CH AV Inputs with AHD 720P/960H/D1/CIF optional, 1CH synchronized AV output,
1CH VGA output
4CH local recording with 720P resolution in real time


Built-in high performance Hisilicon chipsets, coded with H.264 standard, high compression rate and image qulity
Professional In-Vehicle power design, 9-36V DC Wide Voltage Range (compliaant with ISO7637-P5A-200V, GB/T-17626, EN55022 standards)
Multi protection circuits like under-voltage, short, reversed plug-in
Smart power management system, shutdown under low voltage, low consumption when standby
Support 5V DC power output for cameras, LCD monitor etc


Special file management system to encrypt and protect the data
Proprietary technology to detect the bad track of the SD card which can make sure the continuity of video and long service life of the SD card
Built-in ultracapacitor, avoid data loss and sd card damage caused by sudden outage
Support dual SD card storage, maximum 128G each
With M.2 interface for built-in SSD, maximum 256G


Support GPS/BD optional, high sensitivity, fast positioning
Support wireless download by WiFi, 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Built-in G-sensor to detect the driver’s driving habits


Main processor:Hi3520DV200
Operating system:5 A
Operating language:3 x 35 W R.M.S.
Operating interface:3 x 18 W (1% dist. a 1 kHz)
Password securityUser password/Admin password


Video standardPAL/NTSC
Video compressionH.264( Main Profile)
Playback quality720P /960H/D1/CIF
Compound mode4ch 720P/4ch 960H/2ch 720P+2ch 960H
Decoding ability1ch 720P real time
Video input4ch video input, aviation interface
Video output2ch video output (1ch video output, 1ch VGA)
Recording qualityClass 1-6 optional
Image displaySingle/QUAD display optional


Audio compressionG.726
Audio input4ch audio input, aviation interface
Audio output1ch audio output, aviation interface
Audio recordingAudio & Video synchronized recording


Recording modeManual/Alarm
Video bit rateFull frame 4096Mbps, 6 classes image quality optional
Audio bit rate8KB/s
Storage media2 SD card and 1 SSD with M.2 interface
Video inquiryInquiry by channel/recording type
Local playbackPlayback by file


Upgrading modeManual/Automatical/Remote
Upgrading methodUSB disk/Wireless network


Video input4ch aviation interface
Video output1ch aviation interface, 1ch VGA
Audio input4ch aviation interface
Audio output1ch aviation interface
Alarm input4 digital inputs (2 positive trigger, 2 negative trigger)
Alarm output1 output (currenct 150mA, with built-in resettable over-current protector)
SD card2 SDXC high speed card (up to 128G each)
SSD interfaceWith M.2 interface for built-in SSD (up to 256G)
Ignition input1 ACC signal
RS232 interface2* RS232
IR interface1 built-in IR receiver
SD card lock1
Debug port1


GPSSupport detecting antenna plug in/Unplug/Short circuit
WIFI802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
G-SENSORSupport motion detecting
Support driving habits detecting (heavy acceleration/hard
braking/sharp turns/crash)


Power input9~36V DC( ISO7637 P5A 200V)
Power output5V 300mA
Power consumptionStandby 3mA
Maximum consumption 18W @12V 1.5A @24V 0.75A
Working temperature-20—70C
Storage720P 24G/day/channel
960H 12-20G/day/channel
Dimension165*142*45 mm