Integrated amplifier - Automated announcement system /Driver-handicap intercom/Driver microphone (All in one)


Primary benefits:

A new revolutionary system that integrates automated bus announcement system(internal/external), driver-handicap intercom and built-in driver microphone – all in one device.

The system offers huge savings in all aspects, in the cost of the integrated system, space on the bus, and installation time.

The intercom system offers passengers with special needs to initiate a 2-way conversation with the driver, in a situation when the passenger is entering the bus from the rear door/sitting in the designated seat (moms with babies, wheelchair handicap, elderly passengers, etc.).

The system also suits long busses where it’s hard to communicate with the driver from the rear end of the bus.


Power supply:12-24 V +/- 20% (negative to ground)
Max. power consumption:5 A
Max. power output:4 x 35W
Continuous power output:2 x 18 W (1% dist. a 1 kHz)
Output impedance:Between 2 – 8 Ohms (normally 4 Ohms)


An independent 2 inputs:No stick driver microphone, eflex neck driver microphone
Normal input:1.5 mV (R.M.S.)
input impedance:2 kOhms
Bandwidth:300 Hz – 4000 Hz (-3 dB)
Signal / noise rate:>40 dB