Professional window intercom for cash registers and counters

GYM 6616N

Primary benefits:

Intervox Counter intercom system enables two-way communication at the same time (Full duplex) between two areas that are separated by a partition (especially suitable for customer service counters, intelligence stations and ticket sales, banks, hospitals, etc.).

The system enables having natural conversations without human contact, and thus helps the operator to manage a large number of tasks simultaneously, which greatly improves the level of service and efficiency of the service.

In addition, the system includes a built-in hearing loop system (T mode) and meets the standards of the law to make public buildings accessible.

Intervox Counter intercom system is a professional system designed for around-the-clock work and provides high-quality audio (input and output -12W) that enables high-quality conversation with no whistles or noises.

Intervox places particular emphasis on human engineering and installation simplicity, so all system components are plug-and-play and can be easily installed in any location.

The quality of sound combined with high reliability and long-term durability have made the system the preferred choice of many valued bodies in Israel and abroad.


Operating supply voltage:110 – 320 VAC
Output peak current:1.5 A DC / 0.1 A AC (not rep. t = 100 micro s.)
Output peak current:0.8 A DC / 0.06 A AC (rep. f more 10 Hz)
Output power:12 W
Output impedance:Between 2-8 Ohms (normally: 4 Ohms)
Input power:12 W
Distortion:4 Ohm Po = 0.1 to 10 W Max. 0.5 %
Cross-Talk:f = 1 kHz 65 dB / f = 10 kHz 55 dB
Dimensions:190 x 90 x 90 mm
Net weight:2.8 kg/td>