Discreet intercom for embassies and consulates

GYM 6620PE

Primary benefits:

Intervox GYM 6620PE system is a great solution for embassies, consulates, border crossings, etc., as it allows secure and discrete two-way communication between the service provider and the visitor through armored glass.

The system includes a quality headset (headset and microphone that wear on the head) for the operator and an anti-vandal receiver for the recipient of the service.

The special headset, which includes a headset and a microphone, allows the service provider to perform a large number of tasks while conducting a discreet conversation with the service recipient.

The anti-vandalism receiver handset is designed to withstand especially difficult conditions, allowing the customer / visitor to receive service discreetly.

Intervox places particular emphasis on human engineering and installation simplicity, so all system components are plug-and-play and can be easily installed in any location.

In order to add versatility to efficiency, the system can be tailor-made and customizable according to customer needs.