Automatic Announcements Amplifier

Product description:

The system was developed specifically for buses that uses fleet management systems (F.M.S) to automatically announce inside and outside of the bus when arriving at a certain station.

This smart amplifier integrates fully and easily to the vehicle fleet management systems and enables a high quality (internal & external) announcement of the pre-programmed messages (for example, the name of the station when arriving at a particular station).

In addition, Driver Microphone (MicroVox or Gooseneck) can be connected to the amplifier. 

Primary Benefits:

  • Universal inputs – interfaces to all types of F.M.S 
  • Priority for automatic announcements over the driver microphone.
  • Dedicated input for VOIP messages
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Direct operating voltage 12V / 24V
  • Light weight and small device

Model Number:


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