Internal-External Intercoms for Police

Product description:

Robust 100W Intercom for secure 2-way Communication between Driver’s cabin and the outside of the armored vehicle or luxury armored car.

The system includes internal and external speakers and microphones, as well as Siren signals output, Yelp & Wail.

Completely hidden (covert) with a Plug-n-play easy and quick installation, without damaging the car dashboard look & feel. 

Primary Benefits:

  • European certification EMC-R10
  • High quality two-way communication through closed car windows
  • Siren with 2 tones (whining + yelling)
  • Plug & Play socket connections for quick installation
  • Hidden installation without changing the appearance of the vehicle
  • Small command unit for easy installation

Model Number:

GYM 12CN/S – 100W

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